January 18, 2013

  • resolution~

    Isn’t it a norm when a new year come, we have a list of to do but always carry forward to the next year, yet again.

    I always wanted to learn french. Always. But i just never made it to the language school due to procrastination but last year, i finally took up french class and sort of made good use of it in Parislaughing

    I have always wanted to join yoga class too. Joined for a month in town but the traffic was a killer and the instructor is not attentive so I quit. After that I picked up pilates, 20 classes made a.big difference to the overall figure, serious! But still, rm30 for a class is not exactly a good deal so I stopped after that.

    Now a year later, Im up for yoga again! Attended 2 classes so far and it was all good, lots of abdomen training please I want super flat abs! So now Im going 2 classes a week, and on top of that, I play badminton every Tuesday :D

    Another item on the list, checked.

    Next up, take a short course. Project management sounds interesting.

    Also, I wanna take a loooooooooooooong rest. This one is abit hard to achieve though..

    Last item, shed 2 kg off. Ultimate goal. With yoga, badminton, healthy diet, this should be achievable.

    What about you? Do you have a list too?

December 24, 2012

December 19, 2012

  • Let’s have a little of Bucharest~

    Grey & slow pace, that’s the feeling of Bucharest.

    Everyone seems to be loitering in the park, skating, walking their dog, or perhaps thats how they keep their work life balance. So being a picnic fans and to blend in with the local, we went picnic too!

    Sunny, beer, smoked salmon, a walk in the park + nice companion!

    I think having spent 3 weeks in europe I came up to a conclusion as to why european have this coffee culture – the weather is simply too cold and they want a place with heater to keep them warm & coffee is the cheapest item to order in the cafe! Coz i’ve been doing that too, except I exchange coffee with wine or vin fielt (hot wine).

    The Infamous Caru cu Bere

    Vin Fielt

    Nice food generally, especially the Fajita Pasta i had in Hard Rock, simply unbeatable! Maybe because I always LOVE eating fajita, that’s why, and they served avocado in generous amount!

    Next up, Paris!

    A week in Paris, fantastic time, joyous moment, whisky to keep us warm, drinking hot chocolate, great wine at home, we will talk more in the next post.


December 17, 2012

  • europe-d

    Though I have already back for 2 weeks from my Europe trip but the feeling is still unreal! Sometimes when I look at the pictures taken in Romania, or France, I will be thinking to myself – really? I’ve been there? Perhaps going to Europe has always been my dream and when it finally came true, I find it hard to believe, it’s like the person who strike lottery of 10 million can’t believe he really has 10 million in his bank account now, same concept

    Let’s talk about Romania first.

    It’s a business trip of two-week in Bucharest so it gave me two weekend in town to walk around. I’ve some really accomodating colleagues who drove two hours just to bring us to the famous Dracula castle! And also lucky for me another colleague from the office went a week earlier for another project so by the time I went over, she already familiar with some of the places so she is able to bring me around!

    A few things happened in this trip that are unforgettable:

    1) luggage was lost and found! It was left in Paris airport during the transit, how lucky!

    2) lost our way and walked  1.5 hours back to hotel when it usually takes only 20 minutes!

    3) almost can’t foot the dinner bill coz I forget to bring my purse, luckily companion has monies that just enough to cover,phew!

    4) cheated by a cab driver into turning a rm5 journey into rm50! But I didn’t pay him of course!

    And many more actually but if I continue to talk it will make me sound all dumb so I shall stop here and share you some pictures I have!

    Let’s start!

    aiya, problem with my phone, coz im updating through my phone now so thr picture insertion encountered some technical issues…shall update this weekend if im not too busy exchanging gift for Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you first!

November 21, 2012

  • 3 layers~


    I have been in Bucharest for more than a week now, and will stay till Saturday morning before departing to Paris.

    Weekday can be tired coz I don’t really sleep well and get up really early sometimes (4am one of the day whatevah) but weekend is all fun going around eating, taking pictures, picnic in the park (finally! can do better next time though, haha!) and learning bits of Romanian! At least now when I look at the menu, I have some ideas what I will be eating..porc, ton, pui, gasa…etc…See, I’m a good student!

    It’s 12am now and I’m still wide awake with Sympathique playing in my room, aiks!

    Some sneak preview of Bucharest, or Bucuresti as the locals call it, a very quiet & slow pace city. Standard of living is high and things are expensive, looking at their average income.

    I feel so blessed. heart

    Sleep tight, and good night.


November 2, 2012

  • Invisible~

    Had tea with V last night, and she said I’m close to invisible on facebook nowadays.

    Am I?

    Less status update, less photo update… it seems as if I’ve prioritized privacy over publication…. good thing, or bad thing? Good influence or otherwise?

    Brought back my laptop from office, thought want to do some backdated post from my camera, but comes to realize there is zero new photo in my camera…hmmmm….

    But fear not, tons of pictures are coming up for I’m going to Romania  + France next week!

    It’s a business trip to Romania for 2 weeks and since my flight will be transit at Paris, might as well extend the trip right?

    See you, Eiffel.

October 7, 2012

  • Last Week

    Working attire to work.


    Warehouse pullover, Gallo silk top, bkk skirt~


    Zara blazer, Bkk chiffon top, skirt from Liz ^^ ~


    Jogya Weekend Blazer, bkk one piece~

    Went to digital mall to ask about the problem with my Mini netbook and the guy said it’s the display chip problem with motherboard, that will cost maybe Rm400+ to fix, so I didn’t proceed but keeping the netbook at home…for it to….collect dust?

    Meanwhile I only manage to update when I got hold of C’s laptop, so from time to time you will see a few backdated posts all together, don’t miss them out!


September 17, 2012

  • 8 Lido~

    When: 16th Sept

    Where: 8 Lido @ Johor Bahru

    Who: Us

    What: Post Birthday Celebration + whatever

    How: A bottle of Moscato + alot of pictures taken!









    Who else but you can make me smile like that?


September 9, 2012

  • Layering~

    We always have those moments when we look at the closet that are full of clothes and think ” I have nothing to wear!”

    That’s when layering comes into play.

    A simple layering of another garmet on a jumpsuit give you an complete new look, as if something new has just been added to the closet.


    Top, belt & jumpsuit, all from bkk.

    As opposed to how the original jumpsuit look like:-


    Inner wear from BSC~

    Have fun to top it up!


August 29, 2012

  • Buffet unfriendly!

    Everyone ought to have one item to measure if they still stay in the same weight zone. Some are jeans, some are a tight dress, mine is this skirt.


    Almost unbreathable, definitely can’t fit anything more than a bowl of noodles, with a waist line of 24 inch. Full stop.


    Every few months I will take this skirt out to try it on, to make sure I still fit into the category of 24.

    I remember I once told a friend, if one day I have grown to become a size 8, please kill me. I’m a serious weight watcher.

    Yup, I am.